About Me

Hello, my name is Marie I am an experienced counsellor with a warm friendly manner.

Twelve years ago I began my journey into the counselling profession.

My journey began when I took on a new role within a local school.  It was within this new role I began to shine and grow in confidence. The new found confidence and a sense of who I was helped me to help others.  I soon realised I had the ability to help those around me to make informed choices, thus enabling them to move forward during their difficult times.  Having a capacity to listen, be empathetic to difficult situations and give unconditional positive regard to those young people, families and adults also helped those move forward and live a more fulfilled life.

Managing my own difficulties growing up I feel helped to mould me into the person I have become today.  I decided to embrace my new found confidence and love for helping others and began a new journey into becoming a counsellor.  It was a difficult journey as I learned a lot about myself and others around me, but the journey was one I would trek again and again.  I have, for many years, worked with children and adolescents therapeutically, both in a School setting and in private practice.

I am happily married and have two wonderful children of my own, this in itself has been a valuable journey.  I live in the Paignton area and just love the surroundings we have on our doorstep, quite often taking them for granted.


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