.Marie is a highly skilled supervisor who has done wonders for my confidence and development.  Marie provides just the right level of challenge and support and has already provided me with calm, reassuring and expert advice when I really needed it most. 

See you next month, Wendy 

Marie as my placement manager, your experience and knowledge have been invaluable.  I feel as though my counselling skills have improved immeasurabley with your guidance and supervision.  Thanks again Marie and I am looking forward to returning in September.

Kind regards Deborah Nixon

Marie is lovely.  I feel very privileged to have her guidance and support through my own training and will always recommend her to anyone seeking counselling.

Debra Craven

Marie work is incredibly dedicated and compassionate, having worked with her for the past four years I wouldn’t be where I am today without her support and guidance.  I would recommend Marie to anyone in a heartbeat

X Erin



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