What support I offer



You may not be used to sharing personal concerns with another person and if you are trying counselling for the first time, I am aware it is scary.  However you have taken those first steps to seeking support.  So well done!

As your counsellor (or “therapist”) I support you in resolving sometimes painful issues from the past that may be holding you back, help you deal with your feelings and emotions, and ultimately gain an improved sense of wellbeing and living a more fulfilled life.

Integrating a range of approaches, I offer a broad counselling service to help with issues such as  loss; anger; stress, anxiety, low mood;  low self-esteem and building confidence working to improve relationships and family issues. I offer individual, couples counselling and working with families as a whole.


Supervision plays an important , supportive part in a counsellor’s work.  It’s a sounding board, a safety net and a method of learning from a therapist who usually has more training and experience than the counsellors they are supporting.

I will assist counsellors by:-

  • offering support and protection as and when they need.
  • I will act a s third party who offers another perspective.
  • I will help the counsellor to explore difficulties they may experience during a session with their client (transference/countertransference).
  • I will act as an outside observer enabling counsellor to see the blind spots and help explore ‘stuckness’.

We would first have a brief telephone conversation followed by an initial face-to-face session to find out whether counselling is the best option for you and whether I am the right counsellor/supervisor for you to work with. If we decide to go ahead, sessions are usually weekly. This could be short-term to deal with a specific issue or longer-term, to resolve deeper-seated issues including negative experiences from childhood.


Please get in touch to start your support