Working with Young People

Working with Young People

Working with young people can be challenging and empowering.  A young person’s perspective on the world is very different to an Adults stepping into the world of an young person can be perplexing at times. Knowledge of a child and adolescent development is essential for counselling with young peopled the issues they present with in the counselling room.

Gaining knowledge and understanding a of young person background is an essential underpinning of the therapeutic process.  I pride myself on being able to step into shoes of a young person life and work with helping them to live a more fulfilled life.

Key areas of change during adolescence:- During adolescence change occurs across five keys areas:

  • Physiological/biological
  • Cognitive/neurological
  • Social
  • Emotional
  • Psychosexual

These changes will have a considerable impact on the young person’s sense of self identity as they occur.

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