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Beyond the school gates.

Apr 11, 2022

This is my first ever blog and I am feeling rather nervous about the whole thing.  Those critical thoughts creep in and do everything in their power to stop you doing what you really want to do.  

So here goes, this is me venturing out of my comfort zone and putting my thoughts down on virtual paper.

I thought I would share with you some of my work with Young People from within the counselling room.

  This month, beyond the school gates, the theme has been exam nerves, stress and the worry of looming GCSEs. If preparing for your exams has got you feeling stressed or anxious, please be reassured, you are not alone.  Stress is your response to pressure & challenges. Psychically, your body reacts as if you are under attack and goes into fight, flight or freeze mode.  This then releases a whole bunch of chemicals, like adrenaline and cortisol which prepare you for a fight.  Which is great, if you were to step into a boxing ring. NOT so great if it means minimising your brain function and an inability to concentrate.  Just what you need when trying to focus on studying.  THANK YOU STRESS!  Yes, of course those critical thoughts will also play a big part in your progress for the upcoming months. BIG negative thoughts may include “I am not good enough,” “I am going to fail, so what is the point”  these our thoughts and core beliefs many of us have.  The thing is, probably 95% of young people worry about exams, this is normal, of course it is, as we all want to do well and achieve high grades.  

Ask yourself, where the stress is coming from? Is it coming from the pressure you are putting on yourself? Is it external pressure where we feel we have to prove to others? “I am good enough” “I have not failed”.  As part of the pressure, ‘you may think lots of your friends are going to do better than you’ so many places as to where the pressure may be coming from.  ListenAll you can do is your best. 

I want to talk about Balance… 

If you are Doing too much it will create stress and feelings of being overwhelmed and worried etc. Coming home from school after completing a full day, then doing 4/5hours of further revision, doing a little part-time job and trying to keep up with social media, talking to friends late into the wee hours.  Far too much burning the candle and both ends just doesn’t work.  All that happens is, there are too many plates spinning, which is exhausting and we will inevitably drop some.

Our Brains can only take on board so much information, too much and it will start to buckle under pressure. We might think we are reading something but really our brains have stopped taking on board information and we drift off into a daydream. This is an indication to stop and take a brain break.  

If you are Being too much, it will create stress and feelings of being overwhelmed and worried etc. example of Being, coming home from school and sitting on your phone for 3-4hours, then watching a box set, lying around saying I will do some work in a minute, then not really starting, taking a bath or shower, washing your hair, ringing a friend.  Being in moderation is very good, but too much being we will begin to procrastinate and keep putting things off.

Balance is key when it comes to feeling overwhelmed and stressed, we can all achieve great things when we add balance into our lives. 

Take time after reading this blog to think about how much you are DOING, and how much you are BEING. Ask yourself the question: do I have balance when it comes to these two elements? 

 Hopefully my first blog has been useful.